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Orthopedic Products and Dietitian Services.

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Welcome to MD Touch

Professional Orthopedic Products & Dietitian Services

At MD Touch, we sell a wide variety of rehabilitation products and services in Edmonton, AB, that are designed to decrease your pain while increasing your comfort level. We offer a range of high quality orthopedic supports, braces, compression hosiery and Tens Units as well as dietician services. Our products help improve mobility and function, increase blood flow all the while improving structural and neuromuscular system. We are your one stop solution for various types of rehab products that help overcome pain and suffering.

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Products & Services

Knee Braces

Help prevent and mend common knee injuries with our extensive selection of knee braces. At MD Touch, we offer a range of materials, sizes and designs to suit your needs.

Ankle Braces

If you are looking to strengthen or prevent further injury to your ankles, we offer numerous ankle braces and support solutions. Discover more by contact MD Touch today.

Wrist/Hand Braces

We use our hands & wrists on a daily basis for almost everything, so make sure to help prevent injury or strain on your hands or wrists with a brace and support that suits you.

Shoulder Braces

Are you recovering from a shoulder related injury? We provide wide range of slings, supports and braces that can help you stay comfortable and can be of benefit to you.

Elbow Braces

If you are suffering from Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), Elbow arthritis pain and other elbow related injuries, we offer elbow supports and braces to help with healing and pain.

Back Braces

We provide a wide range of soft and hard braces & support options for your back. We can help you with fitting the right type of back brace for your needs and requirements.

TENS Machines

AT MD Touch, we carry Tens Units which are a portable electronic machine that help provide pain relief and pain therapy from the comfort of your homes by applying mild electrical pulses to the body.

Compression Stockings

We carry premium quality compression stockings in different sizes, styles and compression strengths to cater to wide range of customers based on their needs and preferences.

Dietitian Services

We offer dietitian services to our customers that offers creating meal plans for special needs, such as Obesity, seniors, and diabetic patients. If you have specific requirements, contact us for customized plans.

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Our Promise

What We Offer

Our goal is to improve our patients’ quality of life and to be your first choice for orthopedic products and special dietary plans. Our focus is not just treating your pain. We aim to address the root cause of your problem through comprehensive evaluation and tailored products, to help you to return to your usual life without pain and doing what you love, whether it is getting back to your favorite sport or playing with your grandchildren after a surgery. We offer evening & weekend appointments and direct insurance billing for your convenience. From Medical bracing for ankle, knee, back, elbow, wrist, shoulder, Ten Machines, Compression stocking to dietitian services for creating meal plans for special needs, Obesity, seniors, and diabetics, we offer it all to our customers.